Vision, Mission, and Values

personal development May 17, 2023
Personal Values

Evaluating your personal values is really important, and it’s an exercise I have been led through and have led others through many times.


(If you have never considered your own personal values, or know you have values but wouldn’t be able to readily articulate them, try starting here.)


I was recently tasked with coming up with a vision, mission, and values for my personal brand (me, as a human, monetizing my energy/skill set/general vibe) and it was honestly such a good time, 10/10 would recommend this little notebook party!


Here’s what I came up with.



Engender and enjoy a large-scale renaissance of lifestyle, communication, and confidence.



My mission is to reach as many people as possible with help, in as many ways as is comfortable and engaging for me.



  •  Personal Fulfillment
  •  Self-Respect
  •  Wholeheartedness
  •  Fun
  •  Usefulness


Do you ever think about values? Are you able to articulate yours?

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