How to Win at Pool Day

parenting travel Jul 15, 2023
What To Pack for the Pool

Pool day with kids can be as exhilarating as it can be exhausting, and as a seasoned pool-goer and dedicated mom, I consider packing for a pool day to be somewhat of a competitive sport. So, for all you moms out there planning your next pool excursion, here are my top tips for packing the ultimate pool pack.

The Right Bag Matters

First things first, your choice of pool bag is key. I opt for a large shopping basket, spray painted pink (to clearly distinguish it from those found at the local store when I’m shopping—don’t need the fuzz after me because I’m a petty theft. I’m petty but I’m no thief!). It's spacious, sturdy, and perfect for fitting everything you need for a day at the pool. 

I also use a super cheap but amazing bag I got from Target several seasons ago which has a zip-off cooler. It is NOT a great bag, but it IS a cheap bag that works for what I need it for!

If I were gonna invest—and I plan to next year as we become members of a local pool—I would go with this baddie because of the material, size, pockets, and how long it will be almost guaranteed to last. (I’m from South Carolina, honey, nobody can tell me ANYthing beats Organic Cotton.) 

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

A long day at the pool means a seemingly endless appetite for snacks. And with so many great deals at the grocery store, you can load up on snacks without breaking the bank. My go-to snacks include sour cream and cheddar potato chips, pimento cheese popcorn, and veggie straws (all of which are currently on sale at Whole Foods.)

I even sneak in some protein chips made from chicken. They're a bit pricier, but with 10 grams of protein per serving, they're worth every penny.

Don't forget the fruit! Apples are a great, easy snack that provides some natural sweetness and hydration. Plus, they're currently on a buy-one-get-one-free deal — score!

Protein-packed Lunches

For lunch, I pack hearty sandwiches that can withstand the heat. Dill yellowfin tuna salad on sourdough for myself and a classic peanut butter and jelly for my kiddo always do the trick. 

Keep it Cool

Refrigerated items need a little more thought. This is where a kids' electrolyte popsicle comes in handy. Store two or three in your freezer and use them as an ice pack in your cooler. They serve a dual purpose: keeping your food cool and providing a much-needed refreshment for your child.

Some of my favorites to pack are sliced chicken and a refreshing tomatillo gazpacho. The gazpacho, in particular, is drinkable, hydrating, and super nourishing.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

No pool day is complete without hydration. Pack a large water bottle and a sports drink for an extra electrolyte boost. More than you think. No, really—get more. And then a little more. Even if your kids NEVER drink water at home, they will at the pool.



SPF shirts, Nivea WaterSun Gel, and the brand new Kopari Rose Gold Sun Shield Body Glow SPF 45 are my go-to sun protection.

PRO TIP: if bugs bite you, take bug spray. My friend Liz and I found that the Kopari oil repelled insects but it does not advertise this, so take our findings as what they are: just us sharing the experience we had. 

Pool Games

UNO is the go-to game to take to the pool. If you think you wouldn’t need a game or two, you’re a n00b. Adult swim, friend squabbles, waiting out a little rain waiting for the lifeguards to blow the whistle, needing a sun break—SO MANY reasons to take an activity or two. Great time to recommend reading (you will be met with groans, even from kids who love to read!)

Pool days are meant to be fun and relaxing. Being prepared and packing wisely can ensure that your day is just that. So grab your sunscreen, hats, and that perfectly packed pool bag and dive into a fantastic day at the pool! 🏊‍♀️🌞💦 #PoolDay #SummerFun #MomLife #LifeCoachTips

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