You can change the structure of your brain in fifteen minutes.

It’s true, and I can help you do it. People come to me from all walks of life to catalyze real change, real fast.

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10 Self-Care Essentials for the Consequences of “Lucky Girl Syndrome.”

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10 Self-Care Essentials for the Consequences of Lucky Girl Syndrome that No One Talks About!

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You are healing generational trauma…and have a hard time answering your emails. You are a lifelong learner…and can’t manage to focus on reading a book. There’s a disconnect between who you know you are, and how your days unfold.

If you’re sick of feeling like the reality you’re experiencing isn’t matching up with who you really are inside,


you are someone who would benefit from coaching.

This can’t be the same attention span that read three books a week in elementary school…

You used to do the things you loved and served you well without even thinking.

Now you can’t seem to force yourself to do those things—and that’s if you can identify what those things would even be these days. 

You feel your own greatness simmering under what feels like two tons of weird, adult-y, post-pandemic bullshit. 

If only you could access it…

What if you feel like your most YOU you, with all your immense capacities and gifts and strengths?

With neutral and even loving acceptance of your weaknesses and flaws and shortcomings?

Who could you get back to being? And what could you make happen?

Coaching can help you, and I believe this with every fiber of my being.

I believe it so much that even if you don’t end up coaching with me, I highly recommend finding somebody else.

The greatest achievers have counsel, from spiritual to financial to legal. Your coach is your personal counsel.

I combine evidence-based, time-tested techniques with multi-modality divination and good, old fashioned consulting.

Coaching sessions give you actionable steps to take toward your most important goals, from the mundane to the incredible…

and hypes you (and your neural networks) up to do them.

About Me


I am Margaret!

I’m a Certified Life Coach who has a passion for helping people use the brilliance of their unconscious brains to level up in HUGE ways.

My life experience has given me graduate-level “degrees” in Grief, Polyamory, and Seasonal Affective Disorder—so those are my specializations. 



if you are wondering

how we can work together

then awesome! start here:

We work together to get you prepped for your presentations/hearing/ annual review/investment pitches/transoceanic flight/etc.


One regularly-scheduled session each week. We tackle your long-term goals together, troubleshooting as we go. This is the deepest dive at the lowest per-session cost.


Join a community of other goal-getters and enjoy two group coaching calls per month, plus some other special goodies like monthly divination. Priced for accessibility.


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