hey bud…

Need some help like right fuckin’ now?

Something big is happening or coming up, and it’s causing you some discomfort.

You need to be able to operate at your best — with a clear head, an open heart, and a sharp intuition — but the thought-loops, fear, and habituated anxieties are standing in the way.

If this is you, I’m here to help you, as soon as possible — and we can start making progress in our very first session. Either a single session, or six sessions over two weeks. Ready?


You’re probably here because you’re a burnt out Former Gifted Kid who misses the version of yourself you remember from back in the day. 

As a kid, you likely had a lot of interests and hobbies. You could be found reading voraciously, creating art or building things, and engaging with things you found fascinating.

And now…well…you don’t remember the last book you read all the way through, it makes you sweat when people ask you about yourself because you don’t remember what a hobby even is, and the high-achieving person you remember seems to have vanished. 

You spend all your time anxious that you I should be doing something else, so being present is impossible, self-shame and brain fog are the norm, and your inner dialogue is…mean.

Like, really fuckin’ mean :-(


Friend, you are not alone. Not by a long shot.

There are thousands of us all over the world, and we—that incudes you!—are absolutely capable of changing our neural pathways to reflect that long-lost reality of being connected, engaged, and effective. 

I have helped thousands of people to rework their relationships with the five sectors of their lives in ways that reflect their values, uphold their ancestral truths, and let them live with more ease and satisfaction. 

And I can help you, too. 

Imagine you could get relief from your mean internal voice…without spending years on the work of rewiring your brain.

  • Shape behaviors

Go from constant doom-scrolling to living your LIFE…faster than you would believe.

  • Stop dread-looping

No more nights replaying all the cringe things you’ve said since the sixth grade as you try (and fail) to go to sleep.

  • Be Present & Connected

Enjoy deeper, more satisfying and intimate bonds with your people, your environment, and your Self.

Join Me

Integrative Life Coaching

Virtual 50-minute sessions designed to combine evidence-based integrative changework, neurolinguistic programming, multi-modality divination, and good, old-fashioned consulting. 

Are we going to change your neural pathways? Are we going to read your tarot cards? Are we going to create a personalized resource list just for you?

YES. And probably more, tbh. I’m like Mary Poppins up in this bitch. 


You will learn AND PRACTICE how to…

  • Stop Reliving and Re-Looping

Learn evidence-based, time-tested methods to stop replaying arguments, embarrassing memories, or other undesirable thoughts. Stop the habituated patter of creating resistance where there is neutrality. 

  • Shape Your Own Brain, In Real Time

Understand your brain better than ever before, with easy to manage bites of neurological information and quick, relevant application of effective, self-directed neuroplasticity. 

  • Make Quantum Leap Progress Without Burnout

The number one comment clients share with me about their results is how fast they are! It is my practice to provide you new neural pathways—and with the ability to continue to create and shape them on your own—within the first fifteen minutes of working together. 

My parents’ deaths made me re-evaluate everything.

In April 2020 and October 2022, bookending the global pandemic that would define an entire period of world history, my parents died.

They were relatively young, 63 and 66, but their bodies, minds, and spirit showed the evidence of wear and tear well beyond their years. Mental illness and alcoholism dug into their brains so deep that they convinced themselves they couldn’t dig out. 

I saw how much impact the emotional and mental landscape affected everything—from oral heath to memory to bone density to blood pressure—watching my parents essentially hate themselves to death. And it was hardest knowing it didn’t have to be that way.

Making the promise to my child to dedicate myself to not following that same path led to me making changes in the way I lived my life, my relationships, my environment…and most importantly, how I coached.

Now I coach (and live! and love!) with quick, sustainable change in mind. Because feeling better FAST matters. (It matters to your grey matter. Get it? Brain joke!)

Here are the top six things my clients are seeking help with!

Figuring out who you are and what you like, getting back to a lost identity following big transitions, engaging in new hobbies, making and maintaining friendships as an adult

Landing promotions or presentations, changing careers in midlife, managing challenging or contentious situations with bosses or colleagues, finding fulfillment 

Relationship dynamics, polycule configurations, metamour dynamics, jealousy, compersion, polyamory and parenting, navigating solo polyamory, relationship logistics 

Body confidence, career confidence, learning to self-evaluate with love and a rubric, scripts and tools for effective confrontation, learning to self-advocate

Co-creating custody agreements, co-parenting effectively, navigating life after divorce, building an identity after divorce, scripts for communicating with ex-spouses, grieving the loss of a marriage

Learning to live after loss, grieving with intention and purpose, figuring out post-loss logistics, consulting about upcoming death rites for your loved one, dealing with pet loss


+ you get these Bonuses

My Personal Bullet Journal Set-Up

Get a video walk-through of my personal yearly bullet journal set-up as well as your top five journaling questions answered AND a list of prompts and spreads to get you started.

Membership in Community Support

Join an app-accessible community of other goal-getters like yourself as you provide support to each other and receive coaching on two live group coaching calls per month.

Lock Screen Affirmation Pack

Download a beautiful local screen for your device that will help you to affirm your intentions to level up, live loud, and co-create reality with your brilliant brain and mind. 



I am Margaret!

I am a Certified Life Coach living, laughing, and loving in Atlanta, Georgia.

My life experience has given me graduate degrees in Grief, Polyamory, and Seasonal Affective Disorder—so those are my specializations. 

Helping people like you live lives they love so much they want to scream is my life’s purpose. Ready to rock?


Here’s Why You'll Love Coaching:

(and it’s not what you think!)


We don’t need to dig into the entire story to make big changes in your brain. No reliving major traumas.


Quick results are due to two things: your neuroplasticity and my experience. A knock-out punch of a combo!


You want to make progress…and then to continue making progress. No stalling out after you reach a goal & rest. 


Coaching sessions do not drain you. They are life-giving and self-affirming. You will look forward to your coaching calls.

My Coaching Is For:

  • People who want a complement to what they’re already doing for their mental health and brain wellness
  • Women who are sick of being held back by things they have the power the change but don’t know how
  • Badasses, tbh

My Coaching Is Not For:

  • People who are seeking psychotherapy, or wanting a replacement for therapy
  • People who are not ready to let go of their patterns just yet (for whatever reason!)
  • Anyone under the age of 18

Frequently Asked Questions


You May Have Seen Me…

Availability is Limited 

My calendar fills up quickly! If you are considering coaching with me, I would encourage you to take the leap. I keep my focus sharp by limiting my client base, and it’s my sincere intention for this to benefit everyone I work with. 

I am so confident in my skills and retention rate…

...that I will offer to refund the remainder of your package price if you feel we aren’t a good fit after our first session. This is super rare, but it is possible, and I want you to know the deal in the event that it goes down for your peace of mind. (Single sessions are non-refundable.)


Here’s the deal.

You’re an incredible human being who wants to live a life with more opportunities for joy, confidence, and alignment. I’m a Certified Life Coach who trusts that your unconscious mind holds most of what you need—and who knows how to effectively get that wisdom to come out and play. We can work together one-on-one or in a group, for two weeks or two years. And if you’ve gotten this far on this page, and you’re feeling that strong Fuck yes! energy, then I want to invite you to do the thing.

Let’s rock it out together!


You’re a stone cold fox with a brilliant brain and a dope personality. 

You aren’t the problem, and you don’t need to be fixed


You’re probably here because you’ve got some maladaptive behaviors, thought loops, and neural pathways that you want to change. 

I can help you bridge the gap between desiring change and sustaining it. You just need a little help, a little practice, and a little encouragement. 

YES, PLZ🥹>>>

You’ve got one life. 

I want to show you how incredible and wise your own unconscious mind is so that you can enjoy the Hell out of this one life of yours. From consulting to divination to self-directed neuroplasticity, you will look forward to the nourishment of coaching.

Six Session Transformation


One Time Payment

  • Six sessions over the course of two weeks
  • Priority scheduling and text support
  • Prep for events like court dates, presentations, performance reviews, auditions, and more
  • BONUS: Membership in my group coaching container, Community Support
Yes, Please >>>

Single Session Transformation


One Time Payment

  • A single session
  • Prep for events like court dates, presentations, performance reviews, auditions, and more
  • BONUS: Membership in my group coaching container, Community Support
Yes, Please >>>