$200.00 USD

  1. Coaching is not therapy. Margaret Mason Tate is not a therapist nor is she treating or diagnosing mental health conditions. 
  2. My results are up to me, and they are not guaranteed. Coaching is to help me determine what course of action to take, but it is up to me to take those actions. 
  3. Regarding Community Support:
    1. I understand that my membership in Community Support is contingent upon respect for the Host Coach, Guest Coaches and other members. If I behave like an asshole I forfeit my membership.
    2. I understand that the resources (videos, PDFs, lists, systems, challenges, etc etc) are the intellectual property of Margaret Mason Tate (or respective Guest Coaches). I understand that if I choose to share these outside the membership of Community Support, I may be held legally liable for IP theft. I understand Margaret Mason Tate has a good lawyer on retainer and isn’t playing with ANYbody.
    3. I understand that I am in charge of my reality, my beliefs, my values, and my behaviors.

Time-Sensitive Support — One Session

"Do you ever offer just one session at a time?” YES!

What you'll get:

  • 50 minutes of laser-focused support
  • BONUS: Lifetime Membership in Community Support, my group coaching container with twice-monthly coaching calls

[ Single sessions are not refundable for any reason ]