The More, The Merrier!

Join us for Group Coaching & More!

What you'll get:

  • Two group coaching calls per month with a Certified Life Coach with more than fifteen years of coaching and counseling experience
  • Guest coaches: Q&As, live calls, PDFs and more from Margaret’s robust network of niche-specific coaches
  • App-accessible community full of people seeking to make big changes to their realities and brains just like you
  • Monthly divination reading by a witch in the Scottish-Appalachian tradition with more than 26 years of reading experience
  • An equitable pricing model that allows those who are able to pay only an administrative fee to do so while allowing others who are able to contribute more in alignment with their resources to do so as well

Equitable pricing models depend on ethical consumption and treatment of the model. Please fairly evaluate your situation. If you are able, as defined by a consistent 1) ability to contribute to a savings account 2) take periodic vacations or staycations, and 3) access expendable funds, your suggested contribution is up to (or more than!) $500.

[ This community contribution is not refundable for any reason ]

$50.00 USD or more

  1. I understand that my chosen contribution to Community Support will not be refunded for any reason. 
  2. I understand that my membership in Community Support is contingent upon respect for the Host Coach, Guest Coaches and other members. If I behave like an asshole I forfeit my membership.
  3. I understand that the resources (videos, PDFs, lists, systems, challenges, etc etc) are the intellectual property of Margaret Mason Tate (or respective Guest Coaches). I understand that if I choose to share these outside the membership of Community Support, I may be held legally liable for IP theft. I understand Margaret Mason Tate has a good lawyer on retainer and isn’t playing with ANYbody.
  4. I understand that I am in charge of my reality, my beliefs, my values, and my behaviors.